HD Conference Camera

AUV I-1200S features an Ultra-wide 120 ° HD 1080p camera. It is suitable for various size meeting room, including your own entertainment room.

AUV I-1200S is simple to operate and requires no installation, just plug and play. It’s compatible with video meeting software such as Zoom, Bluejeans, Skype, etc.

The 1080P HD camera is equipped for a high-quality internet video meeting, high definition real-time synchronization screen, and precise video clarity.



• Ultra-wide 120° HD Camera – Ideal for group meetings.
• Adjustable Lens – The lens can be adjusted vertically.
• Plug & Play – No drivers required. True plug & play operation.
• Video Software Compatibility – Supports network video communications from Zoom, Bluejeans, Skype etc.

$299.00 incl. GST